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KVCore Trainings

What Are My Options?

At Levelup, we want your training to be flexible. So, we offer three options to help with your busy schedule. Below are the two bookings.

Brokerage Bootcamp
Two, 2 Hour Sessions

During the bootcamps we will be covering...

  •  The Basics - Logging in, Dashboard overview, Playbooks and CRM 

  • Smart Number and Hashtags

  •  Campaigns and Mass Emails

  •  Websites, Squeeze Pages and Landing Pages 

  • Q and A

Advanced Lab
2 hour session

During these sessions, we can...


  • What do you do when you get a new listing?

  • Lead Gen Funnels

  • Advanced database Management

  • Content Creation in KVCore

  • Advanced Client Communication

  • Overall Best Practices

1 hour session

During these sessions, we can...


  • review your current KVCore setup

  • setup lead routing

  • create lead gen and landing pages

  • help organize your database

  • train you on any kvcore features

  • help with your website content and organization and much more..

What Are My Perks?

After you book your session - usually within 3-5 business days - you will receive:


  •  Your Brokerages Private Zoom Registration Link

  •  A personalized promo video for you to use to promote your boot camp to your agents.

  •  A Promo graphic

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